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Edgar Wright Teases Ant-Man with a New Behind-the-Scenes Image


Leave it to Edgar Wright to know how to tease fans online. Moments ago, the The World's End helmer posted an image to his Twitter account that shows off a behind-the-scenes look at his upcoming Ant-Man. Check it out below!

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Crazay2986d ago

Looks like they're doing some screen tests with the new costume...

darklordzor2985d ago

Yep, just makes me wonder which lucky bastard gets to run around and play in it!

joeorc2986d ago

hell yeah, pym's Legacy looks to be in good hands that costume looks fantastic!

colonel1792985d ago

If they are doing Ant-Man, then why does Ultron in the Avengers 2 is created by Tony Stark? Is it really that hard to follow the source material for Hollywood Movies?

Can anyone explain why they just don't care and do whatever they want with the movies?

darklordzor2985d ago

That's a tough one to explain, but they've been making it clear for a while now that the movies are entirely different and follow separate storylines from the comics. Aside from the general aspects and nods here and there, they stand apart.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Probably because Tony Stark is really popular amongst movie-goers and they've (sadly) established Robert Dow,, erh i mean Tony Stark (Not Iron man) as the main character in the MCU.

Also Marvel makes their own movies not "hollywood". Why they themselves wanna stray so far from their own source material is beyond you & me. :/

Deadpoolio2985d ago

It's not a difficult concept they take the comic book that all the neckbeards and basement dwellers love...And then they adapt it, see that key word adapt, it into a movie not a literally but again an adaptation...Meaning that NOBODY but the neckbeards and basement dwellers are that concerned about strictly following the comic book....Nor have they ever actually said that the movies strictly follow the comic timeline