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TVF Person of Interest Review: The Ugly Digital Truth

Situations like the NSA monitoring people's activity on the Internet, companies tracking the items you purchase or browse and feeding social media sites with personal information make the world of Person of Interest look more and more realistic as time goes on.

A site like Wayne Kruger's LifeTrace sounds positive on the surface in its ability to help better know you through those searches or pieces of data, while even helping reconnecting old friends or relatives. Facebook itself seems prime for similarity in the way we connect with others through our likes, our friends, our check-ins at specific locations. It can be a great tool.

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alycakes2983d ago

This was one of their best episodes. I really liked the new rookie that Carter has taken on as her partner and have a feeling it's going to be a whole new story all it's own. HR is still going to be trouble for her so he may be her guardian angel for all we know.