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Attack on Titan Review | Geekenstein

"We certainly believe that Attack on Titan is a strong idea, with a well-conceived and delivered opening, but the entertainment level falters for too long for anyone aside from anime veterans to stick with it. The production values stay solid throughout, and the music and voice acting is consistent. Watching the troops whip around a Titan to try and take it down is always fun, if not a bit bewildering when trying to figure out how they are doing all of that in an open field. But, hey, it’s anime; one’s suspension of disbelief is expected. If Attack on Titan has somehow managed to keep its momentum going as strong as it started and nearly finished with, it would go down as not only one of the finest animes of all time, but it’s apparent it would have helped new anime fans cross over in to the medium. A lackluster finale, poor story direction, and slow pacing unfortunately bog it down to a mere blip on the “Animes You Should Watch Sometime” radar. It will be nice to see it get an animated continuation whether that’s in a film or OVA/new series, but as it stands, this is all we’ll get on Erin and friends for now." - Curtis Stone of Geekenstein

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