TVF The Blacklist Review: Duplicity

"The Freelancer" was the next check box on Raymond Reddington's blacklist, but the shiny fast paced continuation of the pilot's setup was full of its own intrigue and excitement, along with James Spader acting ingeniously cunning, weirdly charming and being just plain fun to watch.

Spader's character is clearly the highlight of The Blacklist, and he's used to full effect. He's got that Hannibal Lecter vibe (without the fava beans or people eating) playing a game where he's always one step ahead even if it seems like he's tagging along.

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alycakes2985d ago

This is proving to be a winner for sure. I can't wait to see if her husband is a good guy (Jason bourne type) or very bad, just the opposite.

2985d ago