Once Upon A Time: Season 3 Episode 1 Review & Recap | GeekedOutNation

Tonight’s episode premiered with a short flashback to the day Henry was born. Emma gives birth to him at exactly 8:15. It was painful to see her not even want to hold him. She had no choice but to give him up. She says something interesting though. She says that she can’t be a mother, not that she doesn’t want to be. We will see if that will mean anything later on. Back to present day we see Greg and Tamara with Henry in Neverland. Greg is still a man on a mission and although they are unable to contact “home office”, he still believes they are doing good work by trying to destroy magic. They are ambushed by the Lost Boys and Greg gets his shadow ripped out of him and Tamara is shot with an arrow. I can’t express how happy I am that they are gone. They were competing with the Brody family on Homeland for most annoying characters on Sunday night TV.

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