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Breaking Bad Ending Creates Criticism For Lost’s Damon Lindelof

CB: If you haven’t watched the Breaking Bad finale, then be warned that this article contains spoilers for how it all ended. Also, if you haven’t watched the LOST finale, then you’re really running behind on your TV viewing, but be warned this article contains spoilers for how LOST ended as well.

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-Foxtrot2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

REALLY? People are criticizing a show which ended years ago...if there's one person to criticize it's Scott Buck after he ruined Dexter and drove the series into the ground. Then has the cheek on interviews to say how "Dexter on the run" which fans have wanted since the start of the season were not interesting.

Please, compare this to Dexter not LOST.

Dexter is how you DON'T end a good series, Breaking bad is how you do it right