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Breaking Bad “Felina” Series Finale Review/Recap | GeekedOutNation

Now this is how a show should end,coming full circle not leaving a bad taste in your mouth when the final credits end. To bad we can’t say the same with another show that ended last week.One thing fans of Breaking Bad can agree on is that this show has some of the best writing on TV today. From progression of certain characters to the progression to the overall story Breaking Bad is one of the shows that does it best.And Breaking Bad is a show that we can all agree that pulls no punches when it comes to story telling. And as a fan of the show I could not wait to see how this show would end.

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Leio2987d ago

Was very sastified with the ending

gunnerforlife2987d ago

see you give a show its due rating and you will get the hit more then that other review. defo well deserved an A+

ssb31732987d ago

It's a shame that it had to end but this is probably for the best.