Batman Vs. Superman: Five Reasons Against Wonder Woman Appearing

CB: There’s been lots of speculation going around that Wonder Woman could appear in the Batman Vs. Superman movie. While everyone is pretty anxious to see Wonder Woman finally hit the big screen, we have to question whether the Batman Vs. Superman movie is the right place to introduce her. Here are five reasons against introducing Wonder Woman in Batman Vs. Superman.

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markte2991d ago

None of those were even remotely good points as to why WW should not appear at all in Superman/Batman,(which I think will end up being called World's Finest) and only one of them was a good point as to why she should not be a main character in the movie.

I think there will be an obvious reference to her in the movie, but nothing that would require actual casting for the part.(which should go t Taylor Cole IMO)

RetrospectRealm2991d ago

There were reports that Warner Bros has already required domains relating to 'Batman Vs. Superman'. That's why they refer to the film as that.

ssb31732991d ago

I hope that they make a dedicated Wonder Woman film leading up to the Justice League film. I've heard rumours about there being a Flash film coming out in 2016 (I think)so i really think that a WW film would leas into a better JL film