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Robert Downey Jr. Gives Gold & Diamond Iron Man Head To Five Year Old Fan

CB: Robert Downey, Jr. doesn’t only play a superhero on the big screen, but he also acts like one in real life. Earlier this year, we reported on how Robert Downey, Jr. gifted the crew for Iron Man 3 with solid-gold Iron Man helmet heads. But it turns out Downey, Jr.’s generosity extended beyond just the production crew.

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SilentNegotiator2988d ago

And if the fan's parents have any sense, they will insure it, lock it up, and send him to college by selling it.

DarkBlood2988d ago

are you nuts :P, you dont just sell something like that from a celebrity, let the kid decide when he grows up lol. its just to golden to let go *no pun intended*

SilentNegotiator2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

I am nuts and a limited edition diamond encrusted piece of gold from a celebrity is EXACTLY the kind of thing that you sell to help put your kid through college, allowing no input on the matter from someone that is age-appropriate for Dora the Explorer.

A 5 year old will be just as, probably happier... with an iron man action figure with movable arms and legs.

pompombrum2987d ago

Lets be honest, if you let the kid decide what to do with it, it'll be up on ebay way before he reaches college.

Lord_Sloth2987d ago

Which would you have wanted more as a child, a toy all the kids on your block have or a helmet handed to you by Iron Man?

SilentNegotiator2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

I never believed in Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny, so at 5 I would have known he was just an actor. At the very least, I would have gotten bored with a figure that doesn't do much and then start playing with the figure that does stuff.

Either way, he will thank his parents in 13 years when he starts off with thousands of dollars in tuition.

They don't have to get every dime for all 4 years of tuition to make it worth selling. But selling that would be a major kickstart to having the tuition needed.

Jaces2987d ago

You're probably sending your kid to the wrong college if that's what it takes to put him/her through. Especially with the kind of dough that head would rake in.

Would rather get my degree from a college that doesn't require me to sell my very soul and those of my children's children just to earn a bachelors in a job I'm not even sure to get.

Lord_Sloth2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

I don't know any1 who would thank their parents for selling something that wasn't theirs to sell.

Especially for Collage which has other means of paying. Some very simple methods as well with just some simple budget alterations.

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StarWarsFan2988d ago

I wonder how much each one cost and how many were given out.

ironfist922987d ago

He couldve you know...sold it at an auction and then given the proceeds to middle eastern orphans...but whatever I guess.

DarkBlood2987d ago

but they will always need more money for some strange reason, its a never ending cycle from how i see it the problem isnt going to get solved