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Breaking Bad “Granite State” Recap and Review | Entertainment Buddha

Desolation of Walt.

“Granite State”, the penultimate episode of AMC’s Breaking Bad, didn’t feature large scale desert shoot-outs, or knife fights between parents, but it still packed enough punch to hit the hearts of long time fans. The White family is in complete disarray, as is the case with any individual that got mixed up in Walt’s meth empire along the way. Things are looking grim for all parties involved as Walt’s Heisenberg-past starts catching up with everyone who had the misfortune of meeting him. The party is nearly over, and for a moment, even Heisenberg shows signs of defeat. With only one episode left, “Granite State” helped to move the pieces into position for the final game between Walter White and the world he created as Heisenberg.

(Spoilers below, proceed at your own risk.)

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