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Clearance Bin Review: Eddie The Sleepwalking Cannibal

Tristan Rendo writes, "Creating anything can be difficult, but for the painter Lars (Thure Lindhart), creating his masterpiece, his Mona Lisa, has taken him nearly ten years of blank canvases and frustration. Giving up hope that he can repeat his previous success, he leaves Denmark and settles on a teaching job for a struggling art school in a small snowy town in Canada. He winds up finding the most unusual muse in an adult mute that he soon has to care for named Eddie (Dylan Smith). Eddie is a sort of gentle giant, but with one seriously bad habit: he eats small animals while sleepwalking. It doesn’t take long before Eddie’s late night snacks get out of hand and he starts to feed on a much bigger animal: humans. Lars finds himself suddenly inspired to paint like never before in the face of all the gore, but can he keep the situation contained long enough to paint his masterpiece?"

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