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The Flash Speaks - Arrow's Grant Gustin Teases Spandex Supersuit, Wants Character to Time Travel

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It's pretty safe to assume that if you're playing The Flash, the best preparation you can do for the role is run. Fast. So that's what Grant Gustin, who just landed the part on the CW's Arrow, is doing.

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Tskales2993d ago

Seeing this makes me want to watch Arrow.

I hope that they make him Blonde as Barry Allen should be. Unfortunately, Jewish directors, producers and screen writers have always hated the idea that a blonde man could be the hero, hence the reason the bad guy in movies is almost always a blonde man.

ironfist922990d ago

uhh...then wtf is thor, captain america, aquaman, green arrow?

-Foxtrot2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

I really don't see this guy being Barry, he's too young and the fact he was in crappy Glee makes it even worse. First Ben Affleck in Batman and now this. DC has some messed up casting. Plus in Arrow they don't know what kind of direction they are going in, is it plausible realistic like the Nolan Batman films or out of this world comic book like

ironfist922990d ago

They wanted someone young to potentially carry the TV show for a while, posibly 10 years like Smallville. I just hope they choose someone better for the film, but keep Stephen Amell as GA

-Foxtrot2990d ago

They would have to get rid of Stephen unfortunately or it's going to look weird having a new Flash but keeping the same guy in a TV series

I want them to be separate universes

ironfist922990d ago

Or, personally what Im hoping for is they have tiered heroes for the Justice League film. First tier being Batman Superman and Wonder Woman, and maybe GL and Manhunter for the first film, then in the second JL film, they recruit second tier heroes like GA, add Flash and possibly Cyborg. That'll give enough time to develop the TV characters so that theyre ready for tehe big film.