Den of Geek Review - Ip Man: The Final Fight

Ip Man: The Final Fight is a come down from the marvelous Grandmaster picture from last month, but is still a satisfying, if simplified addition to the Ip Man legend.

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Christopher3000d ago

Too many remakes in Chinese kung fu now. We need something new and fresh. I'd even call it worse than Hollywood as far as remakes being abused.

Simon_Brezhnev3000d ago

Yeah they used the Ip Man too much but i wouldnt call it a remake more like sequels of the 2 original movies.

Yi-Long3000d ago

First Donnie Yen Ip Man movie was very good. Ip Man 2 was ridiculous. Young Ip Man was good apart from the last 30 minutes orso.

The Grandmasters was fucking awesome, although I feel Zhang Ziyi stole the show. Gorgeous movie. Too bad they'll release a different cut in the USA. I'll stick to a bootleg.

Haven't seen the Anthony Wong movie yet, nor am I really interested in it.

I don't mind a lot of movies about the same character, especially when a lot of it is fictional anyway. As long as the movie is good I'll enjoy it.

Excited about the upcoming Wong Fei Hung movie, which is a character which has had around 100 movies about his life. Mostly fictional btw.