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TVF Sleepy Hollow Review: Not Your Parents' Fairy Tale

There were no frills when it came to naming the premiere episode of Sleepy Hollow, as the series pilot thrust us right into the heart of a story we thought we knew... but our expectations quickly needed adjusting because there was little about this program that harkened back to the fairy tale we thought so familiar.

In this version of Sleepy Hollow, nobody had heard of the fairy tale and Ichabod Crane wasn't a mousy school teacher.

He was a professor at Oxford who had come to America to fight on behalf of the British army, but fell in love with the idea of what America represented and decided to switch sides. He became a valuable ally to George Washington himself and was on a special mission at his bequest to take out the fellow who became the headless horseman. Not just an ordinary fellow, he was death himself!

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alycakes2994d ago

Wow! This was very good. I really didn't know what to expect even with the trailers and clips I'd seen. They always show just the good parts and then you see the whole show and there's nothing else good to see but this is going to be good. There was something going on from the very beginning til the end and there is so much mystery to uncover....can't wait.

Simon_Brezhnev2994d ago

Yeah it was better then i thought it would be. I wasnt bored like i was in Ironside.

alycakes2993d ago

When did Ironside premiere? I missed it.

Simon_Brezhnev2993d ago

I dont think it did yet. I know the 1st episode is leaked online i might try to watch it again. Since i was sleepy when i saw it.