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Dexter S8 E11 Review: “Monkey in a Box” | All That's Epic

ATE writes: "This whole season has been trying to show Dexter as lost and found. The problem is, he found himself way too early on, and the rest of the season was like the other sub-par seasons. It just feels lazy, retreading the same feelings, the same sort of twists and turns. This episode had some nice throwback moments to earlier Dexter seasons, but like the majority of Season 8, things just sort of meandered."

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Crazay2998d ago

starting to feel rather rushed to wrap things up this season...especially with 1 episode left.

ajax172997d ago

Yeah, the whole Argentina thing seems like one big cheat. I was kinda hoping he'd be caught or something similar.

Crazay2997d ago

I always kinda saw him getting away and starting over somewhere else to be honest, but the season has been on a s low burn and it's taking it's time to give closure. Breaking Bad is high octane but doesn't feel forcefully rushed. it fits.