Ben Affleck Finally Comments on Playing Batman, Addresses Criticism (Video)

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After nearly one month of silence, Ben Affleck finally talked about being cast as Batman in 2015′s Batman vs. Superman. Affleck was a guest tonight on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to promote his new movie Runner Runner, but Fallon quickly brought up the big casting news. Affleck talked about how excited he was, and his meeting with director Zack Snyder. Affleck even addressed his “haters”, and funny enough… Warner Bros. actually prepared him for negative feedback. It’s great to finally hear from Affleck himself. The Batman talk starts around the 1:43 mark, check it out!

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Tskales3004d ago

Ben Affleck as Batman will just be him squinting his eyes in an attempt to look mean, and putting on an even worse crack addict voice than Bale's Batman.

ATi_Elite3003d ago

OMG Ben Affleck as Batman is like The Grim Reaper playing Jesus!

This is gonna SUCK so bad.

is the Bat-suit gonna have a Helmet extension so Afflecks Hair wont get smashed down.

TricksterArrow3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

Just wanted you guys to know that you're joining several others on a wall of printscreens I'm making for when/ if Ben Affleck nails the role.

If not, dismiss this.
Thank you for your contribution.

ChrisW3003d ago


I don't know... Bale sounded pretty horrible with his 'attempting to sound menacing by talking through his teeth'.

-Foxtrot3003d ago

Haha...yeah probably

They only wanted him because of Argo...something Oscar worthy they can slap all over the marketing stuff.

I swear to god the first thing you'll see will be

"Ben Affleck from Oscar winner ARGO"

If Zack Synder wanted Josh Brolin and WB wanted Ben Affleck then you know something is up if they won't even let the guy directing the second one bloody get his own actor for the part.

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krazykombatant3004d ago

Until I see a trailer, AFFLACK! is still a horrible casting IMO.

PS4OUR3003d ago

Jesus, give the man a chance. Heath Ledger got hauled over the coals for his casting as Joker and he turned in a performance that damn near overshadowed Christian Bale as Batman.
Its downright comical the amount of hate Ben is getting off the back of oscar award winning movies and directorial efforts.

NateCole3003d ago

He did overshadow Bale.

ChrisW3003d ago

Albeit, because Bale sucked... But Ledger really did an awesome job!

krazykombatant3003d ago

Because Ledger was relatively unknown he was still starting out his career, we didn't know, at the time, if he had the acting chops to make a good villain let alone the joker.

Ben Affleck has been around a plenty we have seen him do some good movies and some TERRIBLE movies. He's a better director than an actor and that's a fact!

Can he pull off the cape crusader?? I doubt it.

SnakeCQC3003d ago

you're talking about that propoganda p.o.s. argo? any propoganda movie making the middle east look like bad people who hate america is guaranteed an oscar win.

SilentNegotiator3003d ago

Iran actually loves America and no one was ever kidnapped.

SnakeCQC3003d ago

america loves freedom and gives it to their citizens and dont go after whistle blowers like they are traitors nor do they prosecute journalists with the espionage act for acting telling the news nor do they drone innocent women and children

SilentNegotiator3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

Does that Non sequitur run-on make you feel better for being called out for calling Argo "propaganda...making the middle east look like bad people who hate america" when it's about an event that actually happened involving Iranian kidnappings of Americans?

Droidbro3003d ago

Because people who bomb each other and cut people's heads off are good? And don't tell me that they're a minority. Maybe true but the society at large accepts that behavior. Especially in Iran with their Nazi-esque government.

SnakeCQC3003d ago

im not commenting on filmwatch anymore its filled with people warped by fox news

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level 3603003d ago

Totally respect the guy and am gonna wait till the trailer comes out before commenting.

Affleck is a good enough actor I'm sure of that.

Jonnyquest3213003d ago

It's hilarious/embarrassing how the haters never give any explanations or reasons behind their thinking, he's gonna suck as Batman, why? I'll wait for your answers... so far we have his hair might force Batman to wear a helmet because y'know, it's impossible for him to cut the hair or change the style. Unlucky Affleck, Lego hair syndrome affects only one person on the planet, you :(

-Foxtrot2998d ago

...the so called "haters" have given plenty of reasons. Whether you chose to acknowledge them is up to you. Maybe you don't want to though because you don't mind him in the role but people do give reasons, from bad ones to great ones they are still legit reasons in some form

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