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Terminator 5 Gets New July 2015 Release Date

Paramount Pictures announced today that its highly-anticipated sequel Terminator 5 has moved up five days from June 26, 2015 to a Wednesday opening on July 1, 2015. As of now, it is the only movie slated for release on that date, although, ID Forever - Part 1 and an untitled animated project from Illumination Entertainment are scheduled for release two days later on July 3, 2015. However, we reported earlier this month that ID Forever - Part 1 may be pushed to a 2016 release date.

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Garethvk2994d ago

I am curious that if it is indded a new trilogy that reboots ths series, how Arnold will be used. of course he will be a Terminator but would they stick with the same formula of one Terminator and would it be Arnold for all three or would he be the main one just for the new film. Not that he cannot pull it off its just I find it harder to believe that Skynet would send a 60+ year old looking Terminator. That being said, that would add depth to the infilitration unit as people would not be as fast to suspect it.

Crazay2994d ago

They can't use him as a terminator. Not without intense amounts of CGI to make him look younger. If anything he'd be the scientist who created the cyborgs in his own image.

Kurylo3d2994d ago

Honestly arnold is praised to highly. He was awesome in 1 and 2 because he acted like an emotionless machine. James Cameron directed it and it was awesome. You can tell once James Cameron was gone came arnold with the jokes... machines dont joke... And then the awful cg smashing of the car by arnold... and the nuke batteries in teh chest.. i mean cmon.. way to butcher everything we know and love about terminator.

Kurylo3d2994d ago

im not even caring about this anymore. Terminator 1 and 2 will be happy memories for me for all time. T3 and salvation were a joke. T3 was way worse then salvation. At this point if james cameron isnt envovled i wont take it seriously.. The man said it best him self after T2.... the story was over.

Garethvk2994d ago

I just wish that James had not lost out on the rights as had he maintained them it would have allwoed for us to get true sequels/prequels from the creator himself. There is so much to tell yet people butcher it with their own spins. James gave us a golden canvas and yet people blow it.

I would love a movie about the future war. But I want the look from teh first two, HKs Plasma Beams dark cities loaded with rubble and skulls. Not the Salvation garbage.

DarkBlood2994d ago

thats the problem we were never going to get sequals and as a huge fan of the series that would suck if he was holding onto the rights.