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Is Breaking Bad Foreshadowing Something Serious?

Junkie Monkeys: Let me start this article off by saying if you have not seen last night’s episode of Breaking Bad then you should stop right here! For those of you interested, come and take a look inside.

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admiralvic2997d ago

I wouldn't really call it foreshadowing, since we already know that Walt is planning on going into combat (why else would he need an automatic weapon?). If this was meant to mean anything, then I could see it being a reminder / note of Hank being shot in the head or something in this ball park.

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TheOneEyedHound2997d ago

I think the ending is in the Video Negro y Azule. Walt is dead and that guy is jesse.

cell9892997d ago

thats a really good point

TheOneEyedHound2997d ago

I mean the guy, who is staring into space(Jesse), is dressed like Jesse.

This is my guess of how it will end:
Walt is going to take on the whole Aryan crew, and Win. He will find a still alive jesse working as a slave. He will rescue him and Jesse will kill him like on the video(Negro y Azul) Quote me on this" Jesse will take the Heisenberg personality(On the Video he is wearing his hat and Glasses), because his life is ****."

TheFallenAngel2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

I would really want the cartels to come back. The video says that the cartel kills Heisenberg. And that he's dead but he doesn't know it yet.

cell9892997d ago

That was more like threat from the now defunt cartel. But yes I'd live to see cartels making a comeback

bbad2997d ago

I always picture the ending to be just like scar face

Shad0wRunner2997d ago

I dont think there is any scenario here, where walt wins and rides off into the sunset as the brave anti hero/villain.

Walt is gonna die. It's just a matter of how and when.

He shouldve got out WAY before he decided to get out. He got too power greedy and money hungry. It started out, just trying to make some quick cash to help his family out, after he died of cancer. A noble idea. But then he decided he wanted to be the new Pablo Escobar and run a meth Empire. He lost sight of what really mattered.

This show was fun to watch, over the years...but it's gonna be hard to watch this sad ending play out.

WitWolfy2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

The thing I love about Walt... is he says "I AM THE DANGER" but he is just an old scared man trying to act all alpha male.

Think about it, every time when the going gets tough he turns into thats scared little man again that just learned he's diagnosed with a terminal illness.

"Ozymandias" opening scene is a perfect example of that.