The Playlist's TIFF Review: 'Felony' Written By & Starring Joel Edgerton

The Playlist:
Malcolm Toohey is a textbook example of a good cop, as we see in the opening of "Felony," written by and starring Joel Edgerton. Toohey is the kind of police officer that doesn't hesitate to charge into a dangerous situation, and by the end of the early moments of the film, his actions find him taking two shots to his bulletproof vest protected chest, all in the name of bringing down a bit player in a much bigger criminal ring. It's the kind of bravery that has earned him the respect of his colleagues. Meanwhile, on the homefront, with a beautiful wife and two young kids, things couldn't look better. But one bad decision, followed by a heat-of-the-moment lie, is all it takes for Malcolm's life to potentially unravel around him. What begins with so much promise in "Felony" is undone by a story that prefers sensationalist melodrama over tackling the much more interesting ethical dilemmas it brings up for its characters.

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