Glee Actor Wants to Play Nightwing

Although there were plenty of actors queuing up for a part as Batman, it seems that Dick Grayson is equally in demand… as 'Glee' actor harry Shum Jr. reveals he'd love the part.

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-Foxtrot3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )


Sure why not they already have some messed up casting as of late...unlike Marvel where the roles are perfect for the majority of the characters

DarkBlood3005d ago

unknowns should be casted. not these kinds of people, i accepted Ben as batman as i was going to eventually regardless

but this is just going too far with casting that looks like they wouldnt harm a fly

Soldierone3004d ago

It's like Affleck getting cast as Batman open the flood gates for improper casting calls..... no, just no.

Affleck was already talking with WB, so he probably squeezed his way in there. How about we do proper calls for these roles so DC can actually compete with Marvel? They need slightly less known actors, that way we get movies like Superman.

wishingW3L3004d ago

he would look cooler as Nightwing than Ben as Batman. That's for sure.

Tskales3004d ago

Nightwing isn't Asian.

Bad choice.

titletownrelo3004d ago

-So, who will play Batman in the upcoming Superman vs Batman movie?


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