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Supernatural Season 9 Promo: In God's Hands

The Grim Reaper is set to return.

In the first promo for Supernatural Season 9, we see Dean concerned over the state of his brother, expressing shock to a doctor who claims Sam's life is in "God's hands." We then see Death himself confronting the revived Winchester sibling with an eerie warning: I've been waiting for you.

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alycakes3006d ago

I think this is going to be an interesting year and a lot more dealing with the end of their journey. I know they haven't said anything about it being a last season but I know that it can only be a matter of time. I love the show and don't want it to end so I hope they continue to make the stories different and strange.

My_Outer_Heaven3005d ago

I can't wait... I hope this gets to at least season 10 ending on a high note. I will miss this show when it goes. It's my favourite show right now.

I hope the Winchester parents come back in some way.

ssb31733004d ago

I cant believe that were only on season 8 in the uk