Universal to Release Jurassic World on June 12, 2015


Universal Pictures today announced that "Jurassic Park 4" has been retitled Jurassic World and that the film will be released in 3D on Friday, June 12, 2015.

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cyclindk3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

I wonder what it's gonna be about... big iguanas?

GenericNameHere3010d ago

Kids like gritty things these days!! How about... Half humans and half dinosaurs?

I hope that concept was just a concept. That idea was stupid to begin with.

cyclindk3010d ago

Maybe something totally different. Maybe they found some "other" DNA in those mosquitoes...

ajax173010d ago

Hold on to your butts!

Trunkz Jr3010d ago

If they made the movie to where Dinosaurs have taken over the Earth and it's like a zombie movie only dinosaurs now, this would really perk my interest.... Trying to find land that dinosaurs are not occupying.

Somebody3010d ago

Jurassic World....sounds like an F2P title. Maybe similar to Disney Infinity where you can buy actual collectible dinosaur figurines with special stats.

LOL_WUT3010d ago

Dinosaurs in the city? I'd like that or think planet of the apes but with dinosaurs I am legend style ;)

RE_L_MAYER3010d ago

Oooh I cant wait......went to watch the old ones

ssb31733010d ago

I hope it's just as good as the old ones

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The story is too old to be commented.