Arnold Schwarzenegger "Will Be Back" As Terminator At The Age Of 66

M: Hollywood legend Arnold Schwarzenegger “will be back” as the Terminator in just two years time.

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chillopedia3371d ago

probably in another 'animated' special appearance!

Camza3371d ago

Linda Hamilton coming back? This gives me hope it isn't set in the future. Or she could just be back for flashback scenes and what not.

akiraburn3370d ago

Definitely! And if they're getting her, fingers crossed they get Ed Furlong back for John Conner as well. I felt like the kid they got for T3 just didn't quite "nail" the performance the way Ed did in T2. It's probably a long shot, but I've got hopes for this.

DarkBlood3371d ago

Cant wait to see him terminate terminators again :P going to be awesome

awiseman3371d ago

In b4 "ill be back" jokes.

My_Outer_Heaven3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

Let hope he doesn't pull a Michael Jackson death.. Michael Jackson died just before his comeback tour started.

I love Arnold Schwarzenegger and can't wait to see him back as the T-800.

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The story is too old to be commented.