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Total Film | R.I.P.D Review


As enjoyable as Bridges is here, he’s merely adding a comic twist on his True Grit character, and even the movie’s most novel idea – on Earth, Nick and Roy look respectively like an elderly Chinese man (Blade Runner/Big Trouble In Little China’s James Hong) and a blonde (Marissa Miller) – just serves as an unwanted reminder of Reynolds’ recent body-switch botch The Change-Up (2011).

With no originality to cling to, R.I.P.D. relies on spectacle. But its rampaging hulk monsters are boilerplate CGI, and watching Ryan Reynolds fall off a tall building and then dust himself off just isn’t all that enthralling.

Rampant CGI monsters, aggressive 3D and a fine cast – especially a likeably grizzly Jeff Bridges – still can’t bring this ho-hum Men In Black redux to life.

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