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GES Take on Ben Affleck as Batman

Man of steel has come and gone but the images of the fight scenes and that whole “Superman doesn't kill” thing still linger on in most of our minds.

The next thing we know, at San Diego Comic con, they’re announcing the arrival of the next Man of steel movie. WOW, what excellent news, Superman vs Batman or Batman vs Superman depends on who you ask, is well on its way to our silver screens!!!!

Still a point of many a conversation and thoughts that had been milling around in our minds for a few weeks when the next announcement came through. They had cast the role of Batman! This news has been received widely with mixed thoughts and emotions. Ben Affleck is the new Batman! This casting has been widely talked about from water coolers to comic book shops, from households to pick ‘n pay isles.

We here at GES have obviously been talking about this quite a bit and decided to share our impressions with you.

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Fr0zeBud3007d ago

Some good points in there

Anthotis3006d ago

Glad to see an overwhelmingly negative response to this Batfleck shit.

Fr0zeBud3005d ago

Yeah trying hard to accept it but not getting there yet