Breaking Bad “To’hajiilee” Recap and Review | Entertainment Buddha

Dangerous Desert.

The focus of the latest episode of Breaking Bad centers around the navajo nature reserve of To’hajiilee, which is the location of Jesse and Walt’s first cook, Walt’s buried barrels of cash, and by the end of the episode a possible resting place for more than a few Breaking Bad cast members.


“To’hajiilee” opens up with a scene between Todd, the Neo-Nazis, and Lydia as they discuss the latest cook that the seemingly slow-witted Todd produced on his own. Todd has been able to raise the quality of the meth since his uncle brutally murdered the other criminals producing it, but he still hasn’t mastered Walt’s formula, especially the infamous blue hue. This leads Lydia to question if Todd and his racist uncle can even produce the high-quality meth that she sells overseas, which in turn leads to an interesting deal between Jack and Walt later on in the episode that will get Walt back in the meth kitchen to teach Todd how to properly make blue meth.

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