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Benedict Cumberbatch Thinks He Knows the Original Star Wars Cast are Returning

CB: In a pair of different interviews at the Toronto International Film Festival (one of which discussed yesterday), Star Trek Into Darkness villain Benedict Cumberbatch seemingly denied involvement with the forthcoming Star Wars Episode VII, while leaving the window open to do the film in the future if the opportunity should arise.

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StarWarsFan3008d ago

I do not want Benedict Cumberbatch in this. Come on, we can do better, people.

SniperControl3008d ago

Benedict Cumberbatch is a amazing actor, have you seen him in Sherlock & War Horse?

If only EP 1,2 & 3 were made now, he would have been a fantastic Anakin/Darth.

gigoran3008d ago

Great actor? Yes. But like a lot of other Star Wars fans that have been there since the original release decades ago, Lucas and his insisting on using new, unknown faces is a big part of what makes star wars special.

JKelloggs3008d ago

He would be, but I don't think he would of suited the role

SilentNegotiator3008d ago

Maybe that's why mark put away his makeup; to focus on an old role.

We more or less KNOW that Ford is returning.

Oh! And maybe that's why Carrie Fisher hasn't been in anything big in the last 30 years!