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Riddick Review | Entertainment Buddha

Nonsense Sprinkled With Gory Violence

Vin Diesel’s latest run as Riddick is upon us, and while it offers a few brilliantly gory deaths, its overall contribution to the waning summer of 2013 movie lineup is forgettable.

Riddick opens on a desolate planet as a pterodactyl-like creature begins to chew on an exposed hand in the dirt, which just so happens to be Riddick’s. Betrayed by his people, the white pupil having convict has been left to die on this planet that seems lifeless at first, but as Riddick begins to regain his strength, he quickly learns that he’s not alone. The only way to get revenge on those who have wronged him is to activate a beacon that effectively lets the galaxy’s mercenaries know where its most infamous bounty contract has been hiding. Within seconds of activation a band of mercs arrive to claim Riddick’s head as their prize, but the arrival of another merc ship, plus the threat of an indigenous alien species quickly puts Riddick in a position of power.

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