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Do We Know a Potential Title for Star Wars 7?


As casting continues on the new Star Wars in New York and with rumour after rumour being posted regarding potential imminent casting announcements, I thought I would have a dig into it myself.

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ProjectVulcan3006d ago

Star Wars 7: Give us your money

iamnsuperman3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

Crap Strikes back, The CGI Menace, A New many to choose from

Fergusonxplainsall3006d ago

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Is Magical..

Starring Elijah Wood as Darth Mango and Will Smith as a Jedi.

Or the other way around. It will have a cameo by Mark Hamil.

RE_L_MAYER3006d ago

episode VII - jaja binks's illusion
episode VIII - I am not your father
episode IX - dirty secret of jabba

SuicidalTendencies3006d ago

Star Wars Episode VII: The Search for More Money

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