Tony Jaa's Manager Threatens Lawsuit If He Joins Fast 7

You've probably heard by now that Tony Jaa has joined Fast 7. Well scratch that, it's actually Tony Jaa intends to join Fast 7, according to media in Bangkok recently. Jaa's manager says that he must first ask for permission. The 'boss' threatened: "If Tony Jaa doesn't get my consent and still plays in a foreign film. he'll definitely face a lawsuit."

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Anthotis2499d ago

To hell with that manager.

DarkBlood2498d ago

that manager can go @#$@#$@#$@# it :P

hazelamy2498d ago

guy's got some stones if he wants to pick a fight with Jaa. ^_^

Leio2498d ago

So basically he is saying that his studio owns Tony Jaa for the next 10 years ?

If true that must be one of the most stupid deal one can agree to

ironfist922498d ago

Damn, how restricting :/

FF is a huge seller, wouldnt that make MORE money for Jaa and the moron manager? Why stop him?

jordan84452498d ago

The bucks Tony could make from Fast 7 would kill any 'lawsuit' dead. Some bloodsucking 'Hollywood lawyers' would be only to glad to take this fight on.

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