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First Look At Mel Gibson In 'Machete Kills,' Lots Of New Photos & Awesome/Ridiculous Poster


Director Robert Rodriguez is one of those guys who is perfectly capable of making a movie in good taste, but he refuses to do so with every fiber of his being (even his movies for little kids play like some psychedelic voyage into the fourth dimension). Case in point: the new poster for "Machete Kills," the follow-up to his 2010 feature "Machete," which was based on a fake trailer Rodriguez created for his double-feature with Quentin Tarantino, "Grindhouse" (an experience Tarantino barely seems to acknowledge). This poster has everything: a triple-bladed sword, Michelle Rodriguez rocking an eye-patch, grade-A slimeballs Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson looking downright stoic, Lady Gaga in an old timey bathing suit, and lots and lots of fire. When Danny Trejo is the least outrageous thing on the poster, you can understand the level of insanity on display. Somewhere, Photoshop has quietly hung itself. Read on to see the poster in all of its glory, plus the first look at Mel Gibson's villainous bad guy and even more outrageous photos.

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