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Total Film | White House Down Review


How can the same shit happen to the same house twice? That’s the question that hovers over Roland Emmerich’s newest like Marine One on the White House lawn, given it’s the second actioner this year to have a hostile takeover of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue challenged by a heroic rogue element.

Less outrageously violent than Olympus Has Fallen, White House Down also dials down the hysterical xenophobia by having chez Prez violated by home-grown neo-Con paramilitaries rather than evil foreigners.

The picture’s supposed liberal bias has been held responsible by right-wing blowhards for it tanking Stateside, although plain old audience apathy is a more plausible explanation.

Which is a shame really, as Emmerich’s effort is markedly more personable than Antoine Fuqua’s and has a better cast to boot. It also has a sense of humour to offset its scenes of wanton destruction, not to mention a POTUS in Jamie Foxx’s James Sawyer you could conceivably see yourself voting for.

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