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Why A DC TV/Movie-verse Has Every Chance Of Rivalling Marvel's Cinematic Universe


As of right now, Warner Bros. and DC don't really have any sort of Cinematic Universe to speak of; Marvel Studios' on the other hand is thriving! However, here is why I believe that combining the likes of Arrow and Man of Steel could result in the ULTIMATE Cinematic Universe.

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ironfist923005d ago

If they tied Arrow, Flash, Man of Steel, Green Lantern, and Dark Knight together, regardless of the reception of each, quality, continuity, or the universes they claim to individually occupy, tying them together would prove to be just enough to catapult it into the tiers of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Tykis3005d ago

DC need to get there shit together! there animation movies are the best of the best but there cinematic movies... Everyone loves batman but DC has so many other great characters...