TVF The Bridge Review: What is Tate's Endgame

TVF:What is David Tate's plan?

The opening scene of his wife's death was heartbreaking to watch. It was easy to feel for him in that moment, but that quickly went away due to his more recent actions. He's killed plenty of people, including some that were close to him. He's tortured others, like Daniel Frye and Marco. But ... what is his endgame?

With his love affair with Alma, he was taking Marco's wife away from him. I thought he might try to replace his family by winning Alma's heart, but that wasn't to be. Tate just used Alma to torture Marco with no regard for her at all.

Or did he? In "The Beetle," he may have put a grenade in her hands, but he willingly gave Marco the information necessary to save her and the girls. He didn't want to kill her. Her abduction was just the appetizer. Tate's plan is still a mystery.

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alycakes3016d ago

Man! What an episode. I was on the edge. Next week will be the same. Can't wait on the finale.