Will Smith 'Back in Talks' to Star in 'Independence Day' Sequel


Will Smith will shortly begin talks to reprise his role as Captain Steven Hiller in the upcoming sequel to Independence Day, according to director Roland Emmerich.

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darklordzor3015d ago

I can't help but think that his sudden reconsideration of the role has something to do with how badly After Earth was, and how many critics said the best days of his career were over.

Crazay3015d ago

Could be...or Maybe something Emmerich said/showed to him about the script piqued his interest.

WeskerChildReborned3014d ago

That's what I was just thinking. I mean I'm trying to think of a great movie he's starred in lately but not much come in mind.

LOL_WUT3014d ago

This is a good move, the first one didn't age to well I have it on Blu Ray but if they can they can come up with a good script then i'm all for it. ;)

Anthotis3014d ago

All he has to do is get his son involved and the film will be totally doomed.

denero13014d ago

omg if he gets his son to be in this I'm done

StarWarsFan3014d ago

I bet this is a result of reaction to After Earth.

ironfist923014d ago

For thos who have watched After Earth: Does the movie suck because of M Night, Will Smith, or Jayden Smith?

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