Hollywood Legend Jack Nicholson Retires From Acting


He’ll still sit court side at Los Angeles Lakers’ games, but Hollywood legend Jack Nicholson has quietly retired from the movie business, has exclusively learned.

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coolbeans3017d ago


Whoa. Have a good retirement, Jack. You've earned it.

ajax173017d ago

It's been 9 hours and still under 100º?! And wtf?! This is crazy big! Do people just not care?

ironfist923017d ago

Probably not. Im surprised it took him this long to retire

LOL_WUT3017d ago

Was just watching The Departed a few days ago this guy has done it all! Good luck Jack ;)

MilkMan3016d ago

Thank you for the years Jack. You were one of the reason I started my love of cinema and its sad to see you retire. You'll be missed.

krazykombatant3016d ago

WHAT NO!! Hopefully he'll come back someday.