God of War Writer on Challenge of Bringing Kratos to the Big-Screen


Marianne Krawczyk says "dissonance" between game Kratos and movie Kratos would be jarring for viewers already familiar with the action franchise.

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Solid_Malone3017d ago

They should totally get Scott Adkins for the role of Kratos in God of War. If anyone had seen his work in Undisputed 2 & 3. You will definitely agree.

Crazay3017d ago

He looks kinda small no?

FamilyGuy3017d ago

I think Kratos should be black, he's got a black mans voice anyway.
The guy from season 1 of Game of Thrones would also be great though, he's got the body and face for Kratos.

Honestly there's a lot of possible options.

Leio3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

This guy would make a real badass Kratos

Chevalier3017d ago

That Badass is the guy who was the new Conan that released the year before. Not sure he really fits, but, physique is definitely in his favour.

PS4OUR3017d ago

@M4ION3: LOL, Scott Adkins & Undisputed 2 & 3?!! Are you high??. Why would anyone want to cast him in such a high profile movie such as the God of War franchise that has become one of Sony's biggest IP's of the last 2 generations.
Unless people want to see Kratos do double roundhouse kicks and flying across the screen like a monkey on an adrenaline and redbull diet then by all means, go for Scott Adkins. Don't expect any acting of any sort on screen and enjoy the street fighter style fight scenes.

Solid_Malone3015d ago

sounds very god of war to me :/

cyclindk3017d ago

If they were lazy they could just go the 300 route with it, but it's totally doable.