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Breaking Bad Episode 12 “Rabid Dog” Review/Recap | Geeked Out Nation

If you didn’t think that Jesse was a loose end before then this episode just prove it. The episode opens up where we see Walter back at his house looking at Jesse’s empty car, so Walter goes into his house checking if Jesse is still there and at this moment Walter is in a panic and by right when you poison someone who Jesse’s cares about especially with somebody who is unstable as Jesse is I would be too. But Walter finds his house empty but he is still worried if Jesse might turn up somewhere. So in order to hide this incident from Skyler and Walter Jr he hires a cleaning crew to clean up the mess Jesse did. But the cleaning crew couldn’t get all the gasoline up. So Walter as usual cooks up a story to hide from both Skyler and Walter Jr, but this time his lies are running thin as Walter Jr can tell that he is lying even though he thinks it’s because of his cancer. But Skyler plays along for the sake of Walter Jr but she really knows what the real deal is. But Walter continues on wi...

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