Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods – New Action Packed Videos

8 new videos and a host of screenshots related to the latest movie in the franchise.

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40-second Action Packed Super Saiyan Goku vs Bills Fight

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods
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tayz2147d ago

i can't wait to watch this movie, it's going to be soo epic!!

DarkBlood2146d ago

any progress on its eventual blu-ray release over in canada/states dood? lol

tayz2146d ago

only japan. it comes out in 12 days

darklordzor2147d ago

It just needs to hurry up and come over to North America!

tayz2146d ago

i know!! i dunno why they wait so long!!

aDDicteD2146d ago

its been a long time...i really enjoy watching DBZ movies ..i never get tired.

darklordzor2145d ago

Agreed, they're just a lot of fun, even if they don't have much to do with the series (for the most part).