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Total Film | We're the Millers Review


Opening with a montage of viral web clips (the double rainbow guy, the surprised kitty, the streaker who runs into a glass door…), We’re The Millers sets the tone early. Just as funny, forgettable and dumb as watching a naked idiot knock himself out, Rawson Marshall Thurber’s comedy is destined to get more hits than likes.

The biggest problem is the casting. The washed-up drug dealer? Respectable-looking Jason Sudeikis. The haggard stripper? Jennifer Aniston. The ASBO kids? Will Poulter and Emma Roberts. Watching clean-cut people pretend to be street-wise tough guys pretending to be clean-cut people just isn’t as killer as it could’ve been.

It’s predictable, politically incorrect and too long – but a handful of really big chuckles excuse most of the cop-outs. There’s a much edgier film in here somewhere, but this one will definitely do.

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