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Heed this Review: You're Next | The Man Cave Cinema

After premiering at the 2011 edition of TIFF Midnight Madness, this acclaimed horror film has at long last received a wide release, and it's a bloody good time. Director Adam Wingard's film is an homage to the slasher sub-genre and films of the 80's. Though it's chockablock with jump scares, twists and classic horror movie clichés, the film doesn't fall victim to horror movie tropes. Instead, it revels in them. You're Next isn't out to deconstruct things and turn them on their heads. Its goal is to celebrate the genre and to bring a does of reality and dark humor to the proceedings. Right from the opening frames, the film is all about taking the audience's expectations and shattering them. Though it isn't "the scariest film of the year", it is more intelligent, twisted and funny than it looks.

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