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10 Man vs. Animal Horror Movies

Best Horror Movies says: "Man-vs.-beast is the theme of several true-to-life tales of horror and survival. Many of them touch a primal nerve because they could easily happen to us. At the same time, fears of particular animals are very personal and usually rely on proximity to an environment where one would be routinely exposed to the possibility of attacks from those animals. A person who has spent their whole life in Arizona probably wouldn’t be afraid of sharks, except in a very abstract way."

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aDDicteD3020d ago

the grey is also a good animal vs man movie that deserves to be mentioned.

KrimsonKody3020d ago

Why isn't Sharknado on the list?

LOOK_AT_THIS_I3020d ago

How can I take this list seriously if it is lacking 2 of the best killer animal movies of all time.
- Night of the Lepus
- Thankskilling (this classic can be found on Netflix). You're welcome 😁