Todd McFarlane Discusses Toys, ‘Spawn’ Remake at Fan Expo

The Gate

Fan Expo was packed on Saturday at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and for any serious comic book or toy fans, one of the big highlights was the free signing by comic book artist and creator Todd McFarlane, who was on hand at Ubisoft’s booth, where figures, statues and toys were on display for his Assassin’s Creed and Raving Rabbids line of toys.

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darklordzor1879d ago

Time to finally make this happen or just give it up. If they really want to do a remake, now is probably a good time to do it.

Crazay1879d ago

With comic movie popularity where it is, they do need to busy ass

DarkBlood1879d ago

it needs to happen soon before it gets potientally destroyed by other upcoming films in the comic genre

Soldierone1879d ago

I think the people at Image are desperate to grow right now. It's a good time to put a good movie out and show proof that Image is worthwhile. However at the same time, if it sucks (again) then people will just turn away.

ironfist921879d ago

Michael Jai White isnt getting any younger...step on it

R3DRAIN891878d ago

I hope michael jai white returns as spawn.