Shoryuken Review: Ip Man - The Final Fight | The Man Cave Cinema

Arriving the same year as Wong Kar Wai's own version, The Grandmaster, director Herman Yau's second Ip Man biopic lifts the focus off Ip Man's early years and places it squarely on the latter part of his life. The film focuses on Ip Man's relationships, but that's not to say it's all talk and no action. Although he maintains a strong stance against violence for the sake of violence, Ip Man doesn't shy away from confrontation when it's necessary. The cast is made up of many recognizable faces from Hong Kong and Chinese cinema, and they have a nice interplay with each other (whether they're talking or fighting) that's always fun to watch. Overall, it functions well as a period character drama with bouts of rousing action. Despite this being the fifth film about Ip Man, fans of HK cinema will surely want to add this to their list of films to see.

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