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Joss Whedon On Maybe Killing A Marvel Icon In Avengers: Age Of Ultron

CB: Director Joss Whedon isn’t known to be shy about killing off characters in his movie and television projects. In fact, Whedon actually teased “death, death, and death” for the Avengers sequel during a recent question and answer session.

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tristanwerbe3318d ago

probably new avengers or black widow and hawkeye not the "big" 4

RetrospectRealm3318d ago

Agreed. I doubt they'd kill any of the Big 4.

Lord_Sloth3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

Dunno. Downy's gettin pretty damn pricey so they may give a budget cut for all following films.

I hope it's Loki. I hope somebody kills Loki. I hope anybody kills Loki. Somebody needs to kill Loki.....Kill Loki!!!

tristanwerbe3317d ago

@Lord_Sloth he is signed on for A2 and A3 at the moment with a extension of another marvel film possible for him

Lord_Sloth3317d ago

I know. This damn craze will continue. I liked Loki in Thor, I really did but his fandom is very annoying and he isn't the best villain there is.

tristanwerbe3317d ago

hes a good villian but the thor 2 villian is better

blackmanone3317d ago

Captain America? To kill him off BEFORE Civil War wouldn't be unexpected, but it would be impactful.

RetrospectRealm3317d ago

@LordSloth, Iron Man can't die. If anything they'd recast him since RDJ is pricey. Anyways, Loki isn't in Avengers 2. Whedon already announced that. I think Loki will die in Thor 2.

RedHawkX3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

you dont kill the guy everyone loves and the main reason everyone watches all these movies in the first place iron man. you cant kill the hulk and its to early for captain america to die. thor can die in avengers 3. the people who can die are the side characters that dont have much power or strength and really shouldnt be fighting and surviving fights with super powered robots. i been saying all along a lot of these heroes are gonna need power upgrades to fight and survive against all these stronger enemies.

i think the wasp needs to die because wasp and ant man are kind of redundant. dont need 2 people shrinking and growing and the wings wasp has are annoying looking and childish. kill her in age of ultron and have ant man in avengers 3, you can also kill legolas if you want as well. or kill Black Widow and keep he wasp as the new female because Black Widow is weak as hell.

hazelamy3317d ago

well, they've probably all died at least once in the comics, so who knows.

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