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More Details on Ben Affleck in Snyder's Superman/Batman

IW: Ben Affleck is Batman. You could have knocked me over with a feather. (He didn't even land on our Batman poll, which was won handily by Michael Fassbender.) I liked Affleck as Jack Ryan. But not so much as Daredevil. (To his credit he turned down the sequel.) He will take over from Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne in the next Zack Snyder Superman-Batman feature now slated to open on July 17, 2015, that Warner Bros. announced with great fanfare at Comic-Con. Returning to the next “Man of Steel” movie are Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane.

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RetrospectRealm3021d ago

Ok, I'm not so cool with him having a writer part in it. Acting as Batman, sure though.

darklordzor3019d ago

That doesn't really bother me considering he helped write the scripts for Argo and The Town.

DarkBlood3021d ago

well i guess i cant really argue with that lol, looks like theres nothing left to be negative about in regards to ben affleck

Anthotis3019d ago

RIP DC Live Action Universe

darklordzor3019d ago

If Green Lantern didn't kill it, this won't either. Marvel has had it's fair share of poor films too. I think a wait and see approach is best, considering it's still 2 years away.

Shad0wRunner3019d ago

I agree with you, dark.

People tend to forget, it's not always the actor's fault. Ryan Reynolds is a decent actor, in his own right. The script for Green Lantern just sucked balls. Not even the best actor in the world could rock that script. Not to mention, the director sucked too.

The script and director for Daredevil sucked just as bad. I believe Affleck couldve done a better job as Daredevil, if the movie had been done right.

Snyder seems to have his act together, with Man Of Steel. He seems to be taking the franchise in the right direction. His Superman, was the best we've seen in I would only imagine his Batman would be on equal footing and on par with what we've seen from Snyder.

Though I gotta admitt...Nolan's Batman was the best incarnation of a Batman I've probably ever seen. And I've seen ALL the Batman's from Adam West to Bale. The worst IMO, was Val Kilmer. Clooney being a close 2nd. If Affleck can outdo Bale, he has my respect...but like I said, it all depends on the script and how Snyder directs it.

Im reserving judgement until the movie is out. I can say this much tho...if Afflect bombs on Batman, I doubt I'll stick around for the third movie. Snyder set the bar pretty high with MoS. Nolan and bale set the bar pretty high for Batman. So it's understandable to see the audience and fans expecting a certain....quality.

ironfist923018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

I remember back when this movie used to be about Superman...

MOS2 shouldve been given a chance, Superman doesnt get anough credit as a superhero and cast aside quickly by fans because he is OP.

This film doesnt help the image if Superman considering WB feels the need to shoe horn Batman (and not to mention have them just to gain a higher attraction and compete with Marvel/Disney