Smith, Tennant & Hurt in Leaked 50th Shot

DWTV: An low-res screencap of the 50th anniversary special has leaked online from a clip shown at the Edinburgh TV Festival. Matt Smith, David Tennant and John Hurt’s Doctors can been seen together for the first time.

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RetrospectRealm3016d ago

Can't wait. Too bad I don't have BBC America though...

-Foxtrot3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

Ahhh David Tennant...the shows not the same without you

Since I've missed all of Matt Smiths episodes I think I can watch this one, glad Smith is gone now, it means I can start watching the series again.

Peter Capaldi will be amazing :)

Would be nice though since Capaldi is coming back they would change the logo, theme song, tardis interior and sonic screwdriver. I mean when Tennant took over from Eccleston he suited the stuff that Eccleston left behind but I can't really imagine Capaldi with the stuff Matt Smith has left behind...they seem so childish for a much older actor.

blackmanone3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

You should have given Smith a chance. I loved Tennant and thought I'd hate Smith, but he grows on you, and actually, his version of the doctor was much more disturbed and dark than Tennants. I enjoyed him more than Tennant and I never believed I would say that after Tennant's run. He was the best Doctor after Baker, after all. Or he was.

-Foxtrot3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )


I got 3 episodes into season 5 and all I saw was an immature Doctor trying to please kids. Thats the one thing about Matt Smith which to me didn't make him a good Doctor unlike Tennant he could never be serious and show emotion. Hell David Tennant had more of a dark serious tone then him.

Remember the Waters of Mars episode when he proudly calls himself "Timelord victorious" saying how he's the winner and that he can do anything he wants even to go as far to save important people like Adelaide aswell as "little people" like Yuri and Mia which disgusts Adelaide. She then scolds him for the way he's behaving because of his apparent right to decide who lives or dies and who's more important. Matt Smith has done nothing like that

So no, sorry but Matt Smith isn't better then Tennant, hell Eccleston was better then him. No offence I'm not saying this about you I'm just stating for other people out there but I really feel people just put up with Matt Smith and the horrible writting in the later series because they just want to continue watching Doctor Who and feel like if they criticize it people will tell them they are "moaning" and are "whiners" Matt Smiths acting made it seem more like a kids show which deserved to be on CBBC at times and thats the problem with him as the Doctor, least past Doctors had balance in their acting.