SonyRumors - We're The Millers Review

SonyRumors- Joel Dale reviews 'We're The Millers' with his own usual twist and gives you a take like no other:

"We are treated to admittedly funny scenes of full frontal gross out nudity when Kenny has his male parts bitten by a spider. Jason Sudekis is quite entertaining as the fast talking David who has a hilarious fall from a fire escape. The movie is a mixed bag though. In an attempt to steal some car keys from the DEA agent’s tent, the movie pushes us into the obvious sexual jokes when the DEA agent and his wife are awakened. It’s just uncomfortable and forced. Only Sudekis’s portrayal of what we are all thinking… this is weird… brings humor to the situation. The idea of a conservative woman suddenly having overt sexual needs is too played out for me. Maybe I’m jaded from watching members of congress get caught in bathrooms or sexting too much to find this shocking or unexpected anymore. I’m sorry We’re The Millers, but Anthony Weiner made your movie less funny. It’s not your fault."

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