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Fan Made Image Gives First Look at BatFleck with Superman

Two days ago the geekverse was shocked to the core with the announcement that Ben Affleck would be donning Batman’s cowl in Snyder’s Superman vs. Batman film. Batman fans have already written up online petitions to have him removed from the project, and one unstable individual even tried to get the President to veto the move. Fans not incensed by Affleck as an actor have rallied around the casting choice and are beginning to throw their support behind it.

One such super fan is Spencer Doe, The God Damn Batman. Doe is a professional cosplayer and artist who has built up quite the following on his Fb page, and he, as The God Damn Batman, fully supports the idea of BatFleck. In an attempt to waylay the fears of fans around the world he’s photoshopped Ben’s face into the Bat suit, and dropped in Henry Cavill’s Superman to provide a glimpse at what these two may look like on screen together.

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA3022d ago

Thinking Ben will do just fine. Give him a chance.

RedHawkX3021d ago

batman is not supposed to have a mole dude

ZombieKiller3021d ago

Then why did they pick Christian Bale? Trust me, I do NOT want Ben to play the Bat but YOU CAN'T DENY Christian Bale had a big one right in the corner of his (right) eye. That lil' fucker winked at me everytime he had the cowl off!

jony_dols3021d ago


Neither is Batman supposed to have an eyewart:

But Bale did a good job.

Azfargh3021d ago

Mate... Ben Affleck is the "Celine Dion" of Hollywood.

thorstein3020d ago

I agree. See The Town and Argo if you doubt his acting.

RE_L_MAYER3020d ago

More like give superman a chance because last one SUCKED

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RetrospectRealm3021d ago

It's a nice photo, but isn't that Batman just a pic of Batman from the Arkham games?

TheHergulaX3021d ago

Someone has played them enough Arkham games to recognize/notice that.

RetrospectRealm3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

haha Yeah. I already pre-ordered Arkham Origins Collector's Edition too.

DarkBlood3021d ago

upon further look i believe everything but the face and eyes is from the games, or the mmo or injustice i forgot lol, its pretty obvious when you look at henry cavill thicker skull

RetrospectRealm3021d ago

That is definitely a photo of Henry Cavill. I was talking just about Batman.

I agree though. The skin color of Batman's face is much darker than in the Arkham games.

TheHergulaX3021d ago

I have pre-ordered Origins as well, can't wait!

RedHawkX3021d ago

ben affleck has a whiney mouth breather voice so it wont work lol. gonna go watch armegeddon just to get even more pissed at how kiddy he is with the animal crackers on the belly button scene. bruce willis you died for that shmuck.

Lord_Sloth3020d ago

Or you could watch Argo or something that isn't more than a decade old. I'm just Saiyan...

RedHawkX3020d ago

well im just super saiyain

RetrospectRealm3021d ago

Just curious, who's the dude who keeps disagreeing with everyone of my comments? Lol

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