Tony Jaa Joins Fast And Furious 7

Tony Jaa has joined Fast And The Furious 7. It'll be his long awaited Hollywood debut. With Fast 7 getting a new director promising more 'old school' action, his timing is just right. Tony needs a director who appreciates the laws of physics. Will we see Statham vs Jaa...?

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TheHergulaX3028d ago

Finally... someone was smart enough to hire the best martial arts expert since the days of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.

Don't believe me? Watch anyone of his films.

Leio3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

"..the best martial arts expert since the days of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan..." is quite far fetched.

Donnie Yen (Flash Point, Ip Man, Wu xia, sha po lang .....), Jet Li(Do i even have to mention ?) just to name a few are a much better stuntman, choreographer and actor compare to him with a much longer and consistent record of movie making.

He has been good in what ? 2 (So so) movies and have been crapping out nonstop lately. Let hope he´ll get a decent role and shine this time.

gunnerforlife3028d ago

the thing is right most of his stunts are legit, Jet Li is a top class martial artist but his stunts arent as legit as Jackie chans and Tony Jaa

TheHergulaX3028d ago

Donnie Yen and Jet Li are good, but not on Tony Jaa's level. Remember, I am not talking about their fame, or their hollywood movies, I'm talking martial arts skills.

And Tony Jaa is a better martial artist that Li and Yen.

Leio3028d ago

Saying Tony Jaa is better martial artist than Donnie Yen or Yet li is like saying Van Dam have better martial art skills than Bruce Lee.

Since you clearly prefer your own subjective opinion over facts its no point to discuss this further.

TheHergulaX3027d ago

Please, don't get upset ok?

I am willing to listen to ur arguement as to how Donnie Yen, and Jet Li are better. U talk about facts, altough you have not presented them to me, so what facts are you talking about?

What you said in your latest post didnt make a lot of sense, as you presented no actual facts.

Leio3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

I provided enough fact with the assumption you did actually watch their movies but since you always come back with a baseless subjective statement like "he is dita and data " is hardly debatable.

As an actor Tony Jaa is obviously worse than both Jet Li and Donnie Yen by any standard.

As a choreographer/stuntman Tony made 2 good movies and by no mean "on another level" compare to Donnie Yen´s in Flash Point, Wu Xia, Ip man nor Jet Li´s Hero, Fist of ledgend, Fearless, Tai chi master just to name a few.

As a martial artist both Donnie Yen and Jet Li won multiple world champion titles in Wushu competitions whereas Tony Jaa have no martial arts merits other than his 20 minutes of screen time.

Now please "with facts" and not "i think" or "he is" show me in what regard Tony Jaa´s martial art skills are on another level than these 2 ?

I´m listening

TheHergulaX3021d ago

For God sakes... you have not provided any facts. Saying that watching the movies themselves are facts is complete BS and you should know it. Movies are one thing, actual martial arts skill is another.

Jet Li and Donnie Yen have experience over Tony Jaa, but Tony Jaa is skilled in more martial arts, he is younger, does not use a stunt double. And is a fully capable fighter in real life.

Look back, I never talked about movies, so you are in the wrong completely! I was saying, look it up, that Tony Jaa is a better real life martial artists, f*** the movies, real life isnt a film ya know.

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jordan84453028d ago

Next Van Damme, if he plays his cards right.

Lord_Sloth3028d ago

Tony Jaa, Jason Statham, and Michael Jai White in a single movie? The level of awesome is unexpected!

ironfist923028d ago

Wow, i didnt know Michael was in it. Dude needs more work to be a high profile actor. Hopefully then we'll see him as Spawn again or Black Panther

Heavenly King3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

WHERE IS BOYKA??!!! (Scott Adkins)